Massage and Reflexology

Reflexology is the method I have found to be successful at balancing the body during all states of disease.

Here is information regarding Reflexology, what you can expect from a session at Total Body Image, and how Reflexology can help you.

To be quite clear, Reflexology is not a foot massage. Although relaxing in its own way, Reflexology is the scientific application of pressure to the reflex points on the hands and feet in order to facilitate balance in the body’s systems.

Reflexology sessions at Massage Redefined hone in on these foot and hand reflexes to achieve results. Reflexology can bring balance to the body in the presence of Allergies, Digestive issues, Hormonal Imbalances, Pain, and other symptoms caused by a body that is out of balance.

However Reflexology is not a panacea. In conjunction with maintaining a therapeutic lifestyle Reflexology is a powerful addition to any traditional health care regimen.

Reflexology’s History
Reflexology can be traced back to Egyptian times where images depict Reflexology sessions. In the modern era Reflexology started as ‘Zone Therapy’, developed by William H. FitzGerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley, which proceeded to evolve into Reflexology through Eunice Ingham.

Eunice Ingham, the mother of Reflexology, mapped the feet, hands, and developed the alternating pressure techniques as a way to restore much needed balance to the body’s systems.

Many forms of Reflexology have surfaced and it is wise to check the credentials of your Reflexologist and inquire as to their experience of working with various states of dis-ease.

Reflexology treatments restore balance when the body is in a place of disease. Stimulating the reflexes of the feet restores circulation to the various glands and systems of the body which fosters an internal environment of homeostasis.

Reflexology treatments are most effective when provided for a shorter amount of time and received more often, an example would be someone who is receiving Reflexology treatments for a debilitating issue, they would be recommended to come in for two half hour sessions a week instead of one full hour session.

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